What car insurance company is offering me a better deal?

What car insurance company is offering me a better deal?

I'-m 21 years old, and I'-m thinking of upgrading my 2005 Chevy cavalier to full coverage. United auto insurance wants $186 down and $147 monthly for 6 months. My current company wants $262 down and $131 a month, for 9 months. Which company is the better deal? Should I even get full coverage for a 2005 cavalier?


This question gets asked many times each day, it depends on where you live, how much coverage you are going to want, who else is in the household, and the credit score of the ownerPretty much any insurance broker or agent should be able to help you, just search around till you fing someone that offers good value for money


You need to call around to Different Agents to get a quote. Their is no ball park answer and it is just foolish to think so and their is no real average cost because of multiple factors in how rates are developed. First make sure you are listed on your parents policy as a driver. Then use it as proof of current insurance. Call the companies/ agencies and ask them for a quote. Make sure you have everyone quote the same coverage, If they just tell you a down payment and monthly then run. They should all provide you with a copy of the quote so you can compare them side by side. Make sure you do all your home work before you go and get the car that way you can get the best rate and work with an agent you like and are not rushed. Hope this helps, best of luck.Source(s):Licensed Insurance Agent & Instructor


are you well off? then go for full coverage


Your company is charging 1441 while the competitor is offering 1179. U make the choice. The car is not old old so full coverage is ok. And considering ur only 21 and paying that little be happy. I live in pa and I'm 24 with no records and paying over 2000 for car insurance a year. My payments are roughly 215/month. I say take the deal and save ur money.Source(s):Life


I agree with Neil. There are lots of ways to quote "full coverage" on a car. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples. You also have to make sure that the vehicle's value is worth the extra premium for comprehensive and collision. You're financial situation and the approximate book value of the car will give you an idea if it's worth carrying the additional coverage. I would suggest sitting down with your agent and having your current coverages explained to you and also explain the other optional coverages. You would be surprised at the number of people who think they have "full coverage" and learn how limited their coverage is when a claim occurs.



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