What car models would be the best?

What car models would be the best?

Needs to be a 4 or 6 cylinder, trammy doesnt matter, under $4k. Im 16, usaa auto insurance.


Under $4k, huh? Well, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are your traditional "safe bets" for small first-time cars. The problem is that they hold their value so it's sometimes hard to get "good deals" on them.You could look at cars like the Mitsubishi Galant or Hyundai. Kia too. These are often available at the $4K price level.Good luck!Source(s):* Shopping for Low Cost Cars: http://www.epinions.com/content_50291426…



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Is the auto-insurance claim information shared if I switch the insurance company?
Most of the time, yes they will find those prior claims.Many insurance companies participate in a national database that tracks claims. They will also check you MVR records of any tickets or accidents. It is very difficult to slip one past an insurance company.Fraudulently stating fewer claims...

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How much does it cost for a dealer licenses so i can go to Auto Auctions?
You do not need a dealers license to go to these sales, you can get a builders license, this is much cheaper and much easier to apply for. You simply contact you department of motor vehicles and ask then the requirments for abuilders certificate and the costs, have them send you the paper work...

What to do if after a minor accident if your auto insurance rate is higher?
No, there is no negotiating. Each company files their mathematical formula for calculating rates (including the factor they use for accidents) with the state and it is carved in stone.However, every company has its own mathematical formula, so it might pay to shop around.Source(s):Claims adjuster

To apply for good grades discount for car insurance, is it necessary to send a school transcript immediately?
You could probably get away with giving the insurance company a copy of your grades from the semester before this current one. OR you could have a school administrator or principal fill out a discount form (provided by your insurance agent) that shows your current grades. Just ask your agent...