What car would be big enough to transport a German Shepherd Puppy in that is cheap, reliable and economic?

What car would be big enough to transport a German Shepherd Puppy in that is cheap, reliable and economic?

I have a German Shepherd puppy that is one years old next month and am looking for a car that is big enough to transport it in if necessary. It needs to be economic and preferably low insurance. I have looked at several cars on Auto trader like a Vauxhall Meriva and a Mercedes A Class but not sure which would be best. I don'-t want anything too stupidly big as am only used to driving a Corsa.


What the car or the dog?


If you are driving on your own or with two passengers a car like your present one can be used just fold the back seats down .Any small hatchback can have quite a large boot with the seats down.ASTRA ESCORT FIESTA but get a hatch back if you remove the parcel shelf most are big enough to transport a dog without lowering the seats


A GSD will fit in nearly any car. I've seen people driving around a GSD in a smart car!I drive a Hyundai Elantra, which is a small sedan, and I have no issues with my GSD. I could definitely fit another one in the back seat with her as well.Source(s):German Shepherd Aficionado - www.gsdaficionado.com


What about a small SUV, like Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4 or the Honda CRV.


Why don't you fold down the rear seats of the Corsa you could put a Pony in there


Toyota Camry. If you are looking for space than this is the car for you! It has plenty of room on the inside



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