The 3 MOST DISTURBING ones I hate the most are:1. The Feed the pig commercial with the guy and the money2. The Boost mobile commercial with the pigs3. The HIV one with the student year book graduation picturesI hate #1 because they repeat it soooo much, and I hate the noise the truck makes when it falls, and at the whole pig scene. I'-m always like DAMN! Will theyt ever stop showing it! #2 because to me it'-s just soo wrong and it makes me kind of queasy for some reason.#3 It'-s helpful but annoying and sort of scary at the end when the unhappy face talks.What about you. And explain why?


1. The Axe commercial where the guy has water coming out of his underarms.2. Any foot commercial.3. Those Progressive commericials with that perky chick.4. Any commercial that discusses bowel movements, gas and bloating. Some people are eat while they watch TV!


* The Cricket mobile phone ads. That has to be the luckiest homeless woman in the world- all she does is hum and make sounds with her mouth- the guy from the Police Academy movies did a much better job of that!* Any of the multitudes of car commercials that seemingly play endlessly (especially the Honda one with the cartoon guy that knocks on the inside of the TV screen).* The Geico commercials with the gecko and with the caveman. What kind of accent is the gecko supposed to have? Is that supposed to be English or Australian, or what? And the whole caveman thing is so freakin' stupid- they set him up as the victim of their own ad? I mean, he feels discriminated against because of Geico saying something is easy enough for a caveman to do, so shouldn't we hate Geico for being racist? wtf?


those 3 or bing.com commercials!


french everlasting nailsthe double voice is just creepy :l"purewhitetip wont wear or chip"uggggggggggh


The California cow commercials


The auto insurance commercial with lady in white talking like an idiot. just stupid.The bears in the woods commercial.People acting out "upset stomach, indigestion, heart burn,diarrhea, etc, etc..Those sickening mucous commercials.Bodily functions.All make me sick.Using kids to sell products. Stop playing with the public. We're not stupid.....


Girls/Guys Gone Wild, and all those male b0ner correction commercials





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