What companies can I get appointed with in Louisiana to write Home Insurance for my Insurance agency?

What companies can I get appointed with in Louisiana to write Home Insurance for my Insurance agency?

I have an Indepenent insurance agency in Houston, TX and I am opening a branch office in Louisiana to offer home and auto insurance for LA residents. However, I am having a hard time finding companies that are appointing agents or writing home insurance other than Louisiana Citizens. Does anyone have any suggestions on some companies that I am able to get appointed with ???? Please help!


aaron t, I found a big list of Louisiana insurance agencies. http://www.findinsuranceagency.com/Louisiana-Insurance-Agents.html I'd try visting one or two of them and see if they can assist you. A insurance agent should be able to help you.


Yep, NO ONE is writing homeowners insurance in LA, except the state - Citizens. That's why you can't get an appointment. If you got an appointment, well, you'd expect to be selling homeowners policies for that company!No company wants to WRITE homeowners. So they aren't appointing new agents.Kinda like, you want to open a car dealership, selling $25 Cadillacs, brand new. Unfortunately, you can't find a supplier, at that price. And in LA, you can't find a supplier for homeowners policies. You'll have to write in the state fund, just like everyone else in LA does. Sorry.


This may be outdated, but I heard that ASI Lloyds was one of the only companies that wrote homeowners in LA. Then again this was around the same time ASI was writing residential property in Harris county. As I'm sure you are aware, ASI has not been writing property in Houston since Hurricane IKE. ASI was the only company I knew of that wrote homeowners in Louisiana. Good luck. If you hear of any homeowner companies in Louisiana, let me know.



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