What companies offer instant online auto insurance proof?

What companies offer instant online auto insurance proof?

**I don'-t need quotes, I need printable proof of insurance**I know The General offers instant proof of insurance by printing it straight from the internet, are there any other auto insurance companies that offer it?


Any company that allows you to purchase without going through an agency. Progressive, Geico, etc. but not State Farm etc.



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If you don't plan on selling insurance, you don't need a license. Period.I just checked the WA state website. You need an APPOINTMENT in order to sell insurance, WITH your license. Apparently you don't need the appointment to GET the license, but without an appointment, the license by itself...

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You'll get Blue Book value, probably the trade value for "good" condition.What I'm looking at, that's probably no more than $4K - $5K.Sorry for the bad news. You can research Blue Book values yourself here:http://www.kbb.com

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