What companies use the color blue for ads/logos?

What companies use the color blue for ads/logos?

I have an assignment where I have to find as many companies that use the color blue either in advertising or logos and then state why they would choose that color.All I can come up with so far for companies is Walmart and beer companies (Keystone Light, Miller Light, Bud Light)Any others? Thanks!!


FordPlisburyPepsiIBM?BMWGENOKIAThat's all I can think of.


I don't know if this helps, but we were told to wear a blue blouse, not dark, for our screen tests in drama class. They were being sent to a talent scout in a large city.Blue stands out for some reason and seems friendly as well.Other logos: I can't think of any right now, but I'll keep at it.Oh, Bank of AmericaSuntrust BankU.S. Post Office


CirrusDellCoronaGoodYearFedEx (or is the purplish? It's like dark blue/purple)EssoHoliday InnVisaMobilOreoOcean SprayNiveaUS Postal ServiceVW (Volkswagon)PepsiOral-BOld NaviWal MartK MartIkeaKool AidDirecTVMSNBCChevronNBAK2OlympusHiltonIntelHPBritish AirwaysAppleAOLGoogleICDS GroupUlster BankRBSMicrosoftIBMBarclaysDefense Logistics AgencyGMKimberly-ClarkBank of AmericaPerdueLowe'sStarKistP&GAmwayPepboys AutoProgressiveGeneral MilsDeloitteBausch & LombPillsburyFordMichelinOnStarBMWTime WarnerGMAC InsuranceAmerican Modern Insurance Group, Inc.QBEUnitrin KemperAlliance MutualViking InsuranceSource(s):http://www.custombusinesslogos.com/color…http://www.murdercapers.com/corporate/co…http://www.irishgourmet.co.uk/images/all…http://www.supplychainassoc.com/Company%…http://www.warlickandhamrickinsurance.co…http://www.search-this.com/wp-content/th…



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