What company has the cheapest basic auto insurance for Atlanta Georgia drivers?

What company has the cheapest basic auto insurance for Atlanta Georgia drivers?

Shopping for auto insurance for Atlanta Georgia. I'-m looking for the lowest rate for basic coverage.


There is no "one size fits all" answer to that- you'll have to grab the Yellow Pages and do some phoning around. When you mention basic coverage, don't settle for state mimimum limits, because they're a joke in almost all states and don't offer enough protection, which is what you're buying. When you find a good price, ask about increasing limits- it's generally pretty inexpensive to do it.


There isn't one. If you haggle they all try and beat one another for price, if you don't they sense it and try and charge you as much as you will pay, I kind of like it...I always pay less than my "bright" neighbor and drive faster cars.Suits me sir.Source(s):A the bb that's me!



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