What computer skills or knowledge do I need to get a job working at home?

What computer skills or knowledge do I need to get a job working at home?

I want to get some kind of customer service or data info. clerk job working at home but before I apply I want to know what I need to know about using a computer....I used to work at home years ago selling auto/home insurance &- I loved it &- want to get back to work talking to people all day but I am not sure what I need to learn or even where to apply. thank you.


As far as software,I'd recommend Microsoft ExcelSource(s):used by most major companies


the only job I know of is medical transcriptionst, but I'm told you need to work in an office before hand


There are many different opportunities to work from home. The best place to investigate skills needed is to go to www.elance.com. Look at the projects that are available and pay attention to the skills needed to get the project done. You can do anything from development to writing so the sky is the limit.Good Luck!Source(s):www.elance.com


I've worked (at home) for Arise for the past 17 months. To my knowledge, they are the leader in home-based work. They are a reputable company in business for 10 years and growing to Europe. They have contracts with large corporations, such as, Disney, AAA, Sears, Carnival Cruise Lines, Virgin Airway, Apple, Peoples Energy, and others. You need to know basic computer maintenance like defragging, registry cleaning, spyware, scanning, virus scanning and backing up your data. Go to their website to see the basic requirements. You'll have some startup costs. Email me if you want more info.Another work at home company is West, but I do not have personal experience with them.Source(s):www.arise.com



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