What do i do if i purchased insurance from someone that is not an agent?

What do i do if i purchased insurance from someone that is not an agent?

I purchased auto insurance and have recently found out that the person I delt with is not licensed in the state of VA. What can I do and is my policy any good? Someone please help me.


You need to contact the insurance company, to see if the policy is any good. You ALSO might want to check up on www.ambest.com, to see the rating of that company.Then you need to contact your state insurance department, and report that - it IS insurance fraud to sell insurance if you're not licensed. Unfortunately, many of the policies are counterfeit, so that's why you need to contact the company, also.I'd report it to the company as well, btw.Source(s):agent, 20+ years


Contact your Local Department of Insurance, consumers need to check on the persons license number (which is required) before buying any policy. Remember lots of agents are selling outside of the country or in other states and employ foreign call centers, buyer beware!


Contact the company that issued the policy, and see if they are willing to stand behind it. Then ask who the local agent is, and see if that person will process a claim should you have an accident. If you don't like the answer to either question, get new insurance first, then cancel the old policy and ask for a refund.


You may not even have valid insurance right now.You need to immediately contact the company to make sure the person you gave the money to actually paid the insurer for the policy.If they did, you need to verify with the insurer that the policy is indeed valid.Then, you need to contact the consumer division of your state's Insurance Commissioner's office or Insurance Department. Alert them that the person is selling policies without a valid license.This is a serious offense that undermines the entire industry.



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