What do you need to do to ride a 50cc scooter at 16?

What do you need to do to ride a 50cc scooter at 16?

what courses or liences do you need to have and what do you do on each one? what do the courses consist of ?


you just need to know the same tings as you do in a car, as far as how the road worcks is concerned. as fotr corses my frend did his just last week and he jell off had a pritty big crasy and still passed its not hard m8. good luck though


This is what you'll need, and I've added some rough prices too-1. ?180-?250 for insurance2. ?500/?600 for a decent, but cheap scooter3. ?100-?200 for kit and security bits4. ?50-?180 for a good helmet5. ?50 for provisional license6. ?100-?150 CBT (but should include hire of their bikes)So that makes ?1430 roughlyHere are some sites for lookin at-1. Insurance- http://www.tescocompare.com/motorbike.sh…2. Scooter- http://www.autotrader.co.uk/bikes3. Kit- http://www.ghostbikes.com/ OR http://www.cissburyleathers.co.uk/ (ALSO TRY LOCAL BIKE ACCESSORY SHOPS)4. Helmet- http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/default.as… (ALSO TRY LOCAL BIKE ACCESSORY SHOPS)5. Online or a local post office6. Local bike test centre (just google bike test centre in area, but use town name name)Good luck, ride safe--Mikey B-Source(s):UK ONLY!!!!!


It's much easier than a car licenseSource(s):www.ivoog.com


nothing scotters are dumb



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