What do you think is the best, most reliable, and inexpensive AUTO INSURANCE company?

What do you think is the best, most reliable, and inexpensive AUTO INSURANCE company?

In the state of FL.


GEICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea, what better company than a talking lizard with an australian voice as a mascot!


Esurance - go to their website www.esurance.comAfter having progressive and geico,, they beat both ratesTheir roadside assistance is affordable and reliableI have been with them 31/2 years and my insurance premiums have decreased each renewal.Source(s):http://www.esurance.com


Progressive but if you need cheap cheap try Direct.


I have to say progressive, I have been with them 10 yrs and they have never treated me wrong, I even have animals on policy what other insurance does that


Depends on your driving record, the make and year of the car, the area you live in, how close you live to the interstate and your age.Oh yeah and the amount of coverage you choose and the deductible.


That depends on each individual. One company may offer the best rates to one person and be the worst rates for another.The only real way for you to find out who is willing to give the best rate is to do some comparison shopping. There are a number of free on-line quoting services that you can use.Prior to requesting quotes I would also strongly suggest that you check out http://www.saving-hundreds-of-dollars-on-insurance.com/ this is a one page article that could help you save some big bucks on insurance, plus show you how to choose the best company


i'm in georgia but i've had geico for years and they are the least expensive around.


depends. I've got good rates with Mercury but I have a good record and have been driving for eons.



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