What does SECOND NAMED INSURED mean in my auto policy?

What does SECOND NAMED INSURED mean in my auto policy?

How does being '-second named insured'- differ from being listed as a '-driver'- under someones auto insurance policy? For example say my boyfriend is listed as a '-driver'- in my policy but his SNI status is '-no'- does it mean he is covered? And if he is covered how would being an SNI differ?


You as the first named insured have more coverage than he does. Because you and he are not married, he does not have some of the same coverages afforded that you do. Most notably would be that he will not be extended non-owned auto coverage on this policy. In other words, you are both covered to drive any vehicles listed on this policy- however, he would not necessarily be covered to drive a vehicle that is not listed on this policy, where you, on the other hand would be covered.Source(s):Have worked in the insurance field for nearly a decade.


It's literally the person named second, but that honor is usually reserved for an actual spouse. If he's listed as a driver, he is covered in general, he does not need to be SNI. First or second named insured is (are) the persons(s) who can make changes to the policy. A listed driver cannot, even though technically he could be considered "an insured" under the policy.Most insurance policies don't automatically afford coverage by definition to a listed driver. The policy usually defines an insured as you, your spouse, and resident relatives of your household as well as anyone driving with your permission. Resident relative does not include a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, unless disputed, most of the time coverage is not an issue when a listed driver is operating the vehicle.Source(s):claims person


SNI means he can call in to make changes or cancel the policy. Either as a SNI or driver, he is still covered.


a second names insured means both insrds's names should be on any payments of a claim. a listed driver, just means they can drive the car.


Usually that is someone other than the policy holder that is a driver of the car. It means what it says...no....jj



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