What Insurance Company has Accident forgiveness?

What Insurance Company has Accident forgiveness?

I need a company that wont be so expensive. I had a bad accident and need a different insurance company, any good ones? Im in Florida btw


Allstate, but its for an accident that you had with them, they will forgive it, by not raising your rates..thats the ploy


Whoever you go to will ask how many claims you have had in the last 3 years and will charge you accordingly.If you read the fine print, Insurance companies who offer "accident forgiveness" charge extra for that option even if you have never had an accident. Purchasing accident forgiveness is like betting that you are bound to have an accident where you are at fault.


Accident forgiveness, is something on an auto policy, BEFORE the accident happens. Usually, you have to have a policy in force for three years, with no claims, and THEN they'll add "accident forgiveness" to your policy. A few companies will TRANSFER your accident forgiveness, if you switch to them, and had it on the old policy.But if you had an accident, and didn't have accident forgiveness on your policy then, you're not going to find a new auto insurance company that will forgive you this accident.As always, your best shot, is to call a BUNCH of local agents - some independent agents, some direct writers. There's no short cut, you have to shop around.


http://www.accidentforgivenessinsurance.…this is a link of the FAQ regarding accident forgiveness and yes unfortunately it is also a site advertising you buy the insurance.For any company you get insurance with, they will need your past 3 years of driving history, which means any accidents (at fault or not at fault), any tickets or points on your license etc. With that info, they will "rate" you, meaning per this info, will charge you the amount of premium to insure you based on your prior record.But no company will give you accident forgiveness if you did not have insurance with them when the accident happened. This is offered only if you buy insurance with them and subsequently have a accident later for 1 time only.good luck



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