What insurance considerations are there on Vancouver Island?

What insurance considerations are there on Vancouver Island?

I have a Business Impact Analysis report due tomorrow, and I am having a bit of trouble finding information for different types of disasters that may impact a business located on Vancouver Island. If anyone knows a website or resource that could help me find information on the likelihood of ANY of the following disasters on Vancouver Island, I would greatly appreciate it!Severe RainstormTornadoEarthquakeWilderness FireFloodTrain derailmentAuto/Truck AccidentToxic Air PolutionPlane CrashBuilding Exposure or FireMilitant Group Attacking FacilitiesRiot or Civil UnrestComputer Hack (External)Computer Fraud (Internal)Some of these are obviously not going to happen, but that is the whole list of considerations.Thank you for your time!


There is no website one can refer you to because no one has ever done a study of that. You can always contact Environment Canada to discuss weather phenomenon, the geology department as University of Victoria to discuss earthquakes, the RCMP as well as Victoria and Oak Bay police to discuss traffic and civil unrest, Transport Canada to discuss plane crashes. However having lived there for 10 years I can give you my opinion on the above:Severe Rainstorm - AnnuallyTornado - UnlikelyEarthquake - As with anyplace on the west coast it's a matter of whenWilderness Fire - As likely as anywhere elseFlood - UnlikelyTrain derailment - As likely as anywhere elseAuto/Truck Accident - As likely as anywhere elseToxic Air Polution - That's not a disaster, it's something that occurs over time. However it's unlikelyPlane Crash - As likely as anywhere else. Plane crashes aren't prone to any particular place-Building Exposure or Fire - As likely as anywhere else-Militant Group Attacking Facilities - Remote-Riot or Civil Unrest - As likely as anywhere else, all you have to do is push a people far enough-Computer Hack (External) - As likely as anywhere else-Computer Fraud (Internal) - As likely as anywhere else-Source(s):Lived in Victoria for 10 years



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