What is a good website for getting non-owners sr22 insurance?

What is a good website for getting non-owners sr22 insurance?

The problem is, I work from 9 am to 9pm M-Sat and do not have the time to call someone about insurance quotes. I went online and searched for non-owner sr22 and the first thing any site wants to know other than your name is what kind of car you drive. My car doesn'-t work. To save money I parked it while I saved up and two kids smashed it up. They don'-t have any money to fix it so I'-m out of luck there. I lost my license 3 years ago in a different incident and need to get it back so I can find something to rent or borrow or something to get a better paying job.


Try Progressive.com or 1800Progressive. They are there 24 hrs. Also, just so you are aware, you can get the nonowners policy ONLY if there is NO car in your household & NO car available for your regular use. If you buy the policy & then have a car available for your regular use (borrowing it for a while), the policy will NOT pay. Also, renting a car will be VERY expensive since there is no comprehensive & collision on a nonowner policy, it is liability only, there would be NO coverages for damage to the car (you would need to buy the LDW from the rental car co) - then it is debatable whether the liability will be valid (if you were renting long-term) because it could be considered available for your regular use.The best thing to do is to buy an old car you can get liability only on - get a regular auto policy & add the SR22 to that policy. It is usually cheaper than a nonowner policy too.



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