What is an underwriting company?

What is an underwriting company?

I'-m trying to locate the name of the underwriting company for an insurance group named Fireman'-s Fund Insurance, but I have no idea what an underwriting company is. I did notice on their website that they are a part of a corporation called Allianz SE. Would this be the underwriting company?


Sorry, but I have to say that the previous answer is incorrect.Firstly I’ll assume you mean underwriting company in the insurance not stock issue context.Secondly, yes there IS such a thing as an ‘underwriting company’… I’m pretty damn sure there is because I’ve spent the last 25 years working for several including Allianz! You also get underwriting- ‘agents’, ‘syndicates’ & ‘pools’.Reading previous answer, I thought perhaps this wasn’t a US term, but since several US state insurance commissioners require registration of“NAIC assigned numbers and underwriting company’s name associated with the above NAIC group number.”and several US insurance groups give lists of their ‘underwriting companies’, I guess it is and that there is such a horse after all!In practical terms the underwriting company is the company that actually carries the risk, as opposed to an agent, broker or other entity who sells/arranges it. It is the underwriting company that takes your premium (after any agents’ commission) and in return promises to pay you in the event of a loss.The term goes back hundreds of years to that start of modern commercial insurance in London where people would sign at the bottom or ‘under write’ a shipping contract (marine being the first type of insurance in the modern sense).These underwriters still exist today. Yes, the word does get used for 20 year olds who check your Auto insurance paperwork, feed it into a computer and then tell you the price… but to me that’s like someone who flies a kite being called a pilot.Fireman’s Fund is, as you say, a part of the huge Allianz Group, however, it is also an ‘underwriting company’ in its own right offering property & casualty insurance throughout the US.It’s difficult to suggest who exactly to contact without knowing ‘why’ you’re asking, and US retail insurance isn’t really my area, but a couple of options are…..If you have a Fireman’s Fund policy that you want to claim under, it is they who will ultimately pay and you can contact them directly if you can’t or don’t wish to go through the agent/broker who sold you the policy. They might refer you to someone else, but you can contact them if they underwrote your policy.If you particularly want to buy insurance from Fireman’s Fund you should contact an agent (I’m sure you noticed there’s a link on their website to do this).As I say I’m no expert on US retail stuff… but if you have any general questions I’d be happy to help if you drop me a line.Cheersp.s. Links are just proof that underwriting companies DO exist ... nothing to do with Fireman's Fund per se.Source(s):https://www.libertynorthwest.com/UWCompa…http://www.ohiocasualty-ins.com/omapps/C…http://www.disr.washingtondc.gov/disr/li…


OK, UNDERWRITING means, putting the proper forms and pricing to a policy. It's not a seperate company. They would use AGENTS to partially underwrite the risks, and then have their own in house underwriters to further write it.So, there isn't one. No such horse. Seems to me, that you're really looking for an agent, who represents Fireman's Fund. If you go to their website, they do have an agent locator button, so you can put your zip code in, and find an agent near you.Allianz is the parent company.If you're not looking for a local agent who can write a fireman's fund policy for you, you'll have to reask the question, and specify exactly what you are looking for, and why - because there's no such thing as an "underwriting company".


it is fireman fund they are an insurance company underwriting a risk such as your home or car for insurance they guarentee thay you will get paid on a claim and set the standards for the risks that they take.



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