What is another country that is similar to the United States?

What is another country that is similar to the United States?

Are all countries either socialist or communist? Are there any where the government doesn'-t do much intervening?


Canada is sort of like a mini USA but with some minor differences. England is next in similarities, then Australia.


Culturally speaking, Canada. The reason I say this is Canada is apart of the North American continent and has a lot of the same interests as us (ex. Hockey). 90 percent of Canadians live within less than 100 miles of the U.S. border too. The reason for this is that that European settlers didn't want to go to the coldest places, and they were encouraged to build along close to the U.S. border to protect their land from being invaded and claimed as U.S. territory. Our currency is also worth in the same ball park. We both have about the same percentage of citizens who obtain college education.We do differ greatly though. Canadian's have a much better health care system. They're much more friendly. Although some are as lazy as us, they generally have a better understanding of what's going on in their country. They also have a more secure system of pensions. Canada is much more internationally respected. They're a small country, in terms of population, although have more land, but no where near the military power we do. It's too bad they don't have our military and we don't have there's, that way, thousands of innocent lives would still be here.I think our government could do more intervening, in the right areas. I don't get how American's can't make sense of thinking war isn't costly. We're paying Iraqi universal health care, yet our government has to compensate for all the people with our insurance in our own country anyway. It turns out being more costly. Canada differs though in other things like religion. Canada has a higher Catholic population of over 40%. The U.S. is about 25% and within that over 1/2 of that are Latin American immigrants who've come recently. Most of the U.S.'s immigrants are Mexican and Latin American, along with some Asians, meanwhile in Canada it's mostly Asians, Middle Easterners and some Latin Americans, mostly South Americans.All countries are not socialist nor communist. Very few countries are communist. The only one's I could think of are China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and maybe Mongolia?There are many socialist countries. It's not as cut dry though. In social democracies, there's lots of political parties. In countries dominated by communist, that's the only party. The communist party actually exists worldwide, but is only powerful in a few countries. One of those are China though, who hold 1/5 of the world's population. Economically, they are actually socialist, not communist, and have been for roughly 15-20 years. Socially though, communism is the force.The EU, Russia, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Australia and other developed countries have more socialized types of government's than we do. More of their economies have nationalized. For example, many of the profits of the auto makers in Japan are subsidized. In the American government did that for GM, maybe lots of Michigan residents would still have jobs. The media feels the need to brainwash American's into believing ''socialist'' though, so the wealth stays in the pockets of the elite. All I can say is Democracy is the way of success for most of the modern world, but capitalism, without a healthy mix of nationalization isn't.


Erg... Canada?


UK is the closest, Since US is such a cultural melting pot no other country really compares.




For the most part Canada is similar to us, it has proviences instead of states .As for goverments, there are many different kind around the world such as dictatorships..democracies and what not ....somestimes there isnt even a government....just a dictator who preaty much runs the government cus he has all power, like in Cuba.


I doubt there's anything like that mess anywhere on the planet.


It depends in what way...Canada or Australia..


I thought Australia was similar.



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