What is required procedure by law a auto pound has to follow before car can be auctioned?

What is required procedure by law a auto pound has to follow before car can be auctioned?

my car was stolen an recovered an towed to ft. worth tx. auto impound. i was notified by police dept it was there. insurance auto theft investigator told me to leave it there until through w/their investigation. i never received a written notice from impound yard. my car was sold at auction w/o my acknoledgement an consent. insurance co. still has not made decision on theft claim.


I think you need to say state - city as they would all be different, Here is 1 place it may be close but maybe not.https://www.cityofrochester.gov/egov/cit…


Depending on state, county and city laws/ordnances, they can in most states act without your permission. However, in doing so, they will sometimes open themselves up to a lawsuit - consult a lawyer, and check your rights.


Object to the auction sale because you are the rightful owner and is entitled to recovery of the car under the law.



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