What is the average car insurance premium in Mississauga, Canada?

What is the average car insurance premium in Mississauga, Canada?

Hi, Can anyone please provide an realistic figure of how much it would cost per month towards car insurance in Mississauga. Checked in the below website and gives a high spike in rate : $600 CAN per month !https://www.kanetix.ca/auto-insurance(Given 5-6 yrs of clean driving history in US)


No one has ever figured that out because it would be a useless figure to the individual. If I told you it was $200 per month, what exactly would you do with that figure? Insurance is rated individually, not on an average. Kanetix is a terrible website, especially considering your situation where you came from the U.S. Contact local insurance brokers, explain your situation and get a quote from them.Source(s):Ontario broker


There is no such thing as an average car insurance premium in Canada or anywhere else. There are way too many variables. "e" insurance quotes are often inaccurate and unreliable. Get quotes from real insurance companies who have a local office staffed by a professional insurance agent.



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