What is the average limits that you have on you auto full-coverage insurance?

What is the average limits that you have on you auto full-coverage insurance?

I live in Chicago Illinois. The lowest limits are 20/40/15.


Sorry, there's no average."full coverage" means, liability, collision, and comprehensive. It doesn't mean towing, it doesn't mean medical payments, and it doesn't imply ANY limit besides state minimum.How much should YOU carry? YOu should carry limits high enough to cover what you're worth, PLUS three years of future wages.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


Limits of liability is something that only YOU and your local independent insurance agent can determine.....after all, how long should a piece of rope be? It should be long enough to get the job done.You do NOT want to have an accident and have an insurance company send you a "reservation of rights letter" stating something like "we are going to represent you up to the full limits of your policy - but, due to your recent accident being SO SEVERE....we recommend that you seek your own legal counsel." So, in other words, they are going to bail out on you and leave you sitting on the court house steps.You need to determine your assets and be sure that you insure yourself accordingly. It is better to HAVE it and not NEED it than it is to NEED it and not HAVE it!Good luck and I hope this helps!Source(s):Independent insurance agent for 27+ years


In my state CO, most drivers I insure have 100/300/100. The state requires 25/50/15.Source(s):Insurance Agent



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