What is the benefit from buying extended auto warranty from the car dealer over an online company?

What is the benefit from buying extended auto warranty from the car dealer over an online company?

I have the option to buy extended auto warranty. Are there benefits to buying it from the car dealer? I feel I'-m getting more for my money if I purchase it on my own, from a reputable company online.


thes sites are 90% RIP OFFS do what you have to do


There is no Difference what so ever. The industry is set up as follows. There are Insurance Companies. They back policies that are administered by companies that sign up agents to market the product. The agents in turn take the warranties and market through dealerships. Online Companies simply market direct to consumer. They typically have better prices. The caveat is fina company that is backed by one of the following: Assurant, Allstate, or Zurich those are the major parties in the industry. https://www.warrantyelite is one of the highested rate companies online. The plan they sell is the same plan that is sold by over 2000 dealers and financial Institutions.Source(s):https://www.warrantyelite.com


The online companies will go out of business or refuse to pay on a claim. The dealership is a better choice.


You might also check will your local Credit Unions and Personal Auto Insurance providers. The prices will probably be much cheaper than either a dealership or online company for the same coverage.



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