What is the best approach on selling health insurance at a place called Farmers Insurance?

What is the best approach on selling health insurance at a place called Farmers Insurance?

Ok now my husband has just gotten a job at Farmers Insurance! He has been working as a Jazz agent and had to quit because he didn'-t get paid right away! Well anyways I was wondering what is the right way to approach selling the insurance? Also how do you find the right people? How do you find people who would want to buy it? Hope you guys can help me out! im just trying to find a good strategy for my husband!


I currently work for Farmers, and they do not sell health insurance. Farmer's only sells commercial, fire, auto and life insurance.I'm not sure what a "Jazz Agent" is but judging by your grammar and the way you described Farmers Insurance as a "place", you obviously haven't done alot of reasearch- Farmers Insurance is a Fortune 500 company and is among the top insurance producers worldwide.Source(s):If your husband can't think of where to find clients, he is not going to make it as an agent.



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