What is the best auto insurance that operates in MA?

What is the best auto insurance that operates in MA?

We are with commerce and it is really expensive, $1800 for 2 people with 2 cars. any suggestions?


That's $450 each per car. Perhaps you can find cheaper..Just shop around, there are tons of insurance quoting comparison sites around, it's free to get quotes so you might as well use them.Here's some from my bookmarkshttp://gsx1.com/InsuranceComparison.htmlhttp://finance.ebookorama.com/ukusa-sele…http://gsx1.com/Car-Insurance/100.phpthere's more in google.Source(s):no sweat no gain :)


Check out safetyinsurance.comIt is just located in BostonI am a new driver (17 years old) and i am currently paying $1700 (reasonable with being a new driver and all)My parents have it also (for a LONG time now) and they are only paying about $500-$1000 for 2 cars for 2 people.Check it out....Source(s):My mom WORKS at Safety Insurance....LOLhttp://www.safetyinsurance.com/index.sht…


Everyone wants the cheapest auto insurance. Everyone is constantly looking comparing this auto insurance provider with this one. It's almost like a parlor game, isn't it. I've done it too. If you've ever gotten a speeding ticket or have a young teenager itching to drive that you've just added to your policy or if you've been involved in an accident, it can get more and more expensive, can't it? Auto insurance is too expensive. You're not alone. it's true for almost every American family.You may get your queires answered here,http://www.best-autoinsurance.we.bs/The problem for discounts, however, is quality. Many ask is, "Is this cheap auto insurance worth buying? What kind of coverage do I have to sacrifice for a cheaper premium?" What is a small bi-yearly or yearly or monthly bill can become astonishingly high if you cheat on your deductible coverage or coverage amount. You need to therefore really search the different companies for the best, most comprehensive policy. Hope is here. There are good companies out there.


In my experience in insurance, it definitely sounds like your rates are high, providing that your records are clean and you don't have a lot claims.According to one report that I read, 70% of insurance consumers are paying 30% to 40% too much for insurance and could pay less if they would simply compare rates from multiple companies and agents. You can access this report at http://www.saving-hundreds-of-dollars-on-insurance.com/ it also tells you how to get quotes from reliable sources and how to choose companies that are financially sound.Also you could get quotes from free quoting services through sites like http://www.InsuranceEasy.org these types of consumer insurance sites provide links to several free quoting services and companies that will provide consumers quotes direct.I would give these two resources a try as well as checking out some of the other sites mentioned in some of the other answers to your question. You have nothing to really lose and a lot to gain especially if you educate yourself by reading the above report.



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