What is the best car insurance in Rockville Maryland?

What is the best car insurance in Rockville Maryland?

I am shopping around for auto insurance, I have been with most of the traditional insurance companies, GEICO, State farm, Nationwide... But I am really tired to pay a lot of money. I have a good driving record and I feel like I should pay less... Anyone knows of a good Insurance Company around Rockville in Maryland?


There is no ONE insurance company that is right for everyone - everyone is rated individually - and all companies have different "likes and dis-likes", different credit tiers, different business models, and many other factors that can vary your rate - and a QUOTE is ONLY a quote until the policy is issued. Theres' plenty of quotes to get.-.!


AAA or Costco might be worth looking into. But this is auto insurance. Risk evaluation is required. Your age, environment, address, etc. are all important factors on the premium. Good luck. Your driving record is of the least importance. It is the overall safety, theft, legal and medical costs, etc. how many miles you drive each day, time of day and length of trips and purpose of trips that contribute. As I drive for pleasure (retired) my insurance costs are very low since my risk is low due to only driving 8,000 miles per year and not during commuting hours (very high risk hours). Good luck but if you cannot afford the costs of auto ownership, sorry, then you must sell the car. Best of luck.


first thing you know you will be listening to ramon the lawyer/get on the phone and see what you can do/thats it/its their ball and their batSource(s):used car dlr nj


Find an independent insurance or justuse yellow pages to find an agent and ask them directly



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