What is the best color for a auto in Arizona?

What is the best color for a auto in Arizona?

I'-d say white or light green to reflect heat. But whatever color you choose stay away from tan and greyish colors because it'-s easy to blend in with the scenery.I know it sounds crazy but when I lived in southern Az. there were more cars wrecks with those colors with people claiming they never saw them. The tan obviously from the sand. But often the road in front of you will take on a watery dark grey appearance so you tend to stare at that instead of the road further ahead.Red is ok but insurance rates are so much higher in the west for red cars. Black &- blues hold too much heat.


Something white with tinted windows and AC. The interior upholstery should be light colored fabric. The light colors and tinted windows will deflect the heat away from the car. Also have a windshield sun shield for when you park the car-Will also deflect the heat from the car.


i would say white


Countrygirl has the right answer and the correct reason for the choice of colors, so pick her for the best answer.


white or silver.reflect heat.get a tint for your windows and make sure the AC works. dont get leather interior. ever sit on a hot leather seat?


Desert Sand -o)


light color, white, sand, or silver with light color cloth interior.


White or silver are most popular in AZ because the lighter colors absorb less heat. Make sure the A/C is putting out continuous cold air when the windows are closed.Source(s):Licensed CA smog inspector.


light color, white, sand, or silver with light color cloth interior.


white, silver, or a brownish color


WhiteSource(s):I live in the west valley.



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