What is the best company to buy whole life insurance?

What is the best company to buy whole life insurance?

I'-m 26 with 2 kids and would like to get whole life insurance started. Where is the best company to get whole life insurance from?


Why don't you get variable life insurance??Whole life contracts are pretty standard across the industry.


Term life insurance is better. It is much cheaper and you get more insurance for your dollar. Get a level premium 20 or 30 year term life insurance policy.If you want to save money then do that separately. Life insurance is NOT an investment.Source(s):One honest agent.


Here are a few tips on how to choose the best life insurance policy. First, determine the amount of life insurance that you are going to avail yourself of. While many experts suggest weighing in several considerations such as the number of dependents that you have, your liabilities, and lifestyle, the prevailing rule is to take a life insurance that is at least five times of your yearly take-home pay.There are discussions on which is more advantageous between whole and term life insurance. But the general concession is that those who have yet to reach the age of 40 and generally spared from serious illnesses can opt for term insurance because it offers benefits in case of death. This is also a cheaper alternative for whole life insurance which is notorious for having excess fees and surcharges particularly in its first few years. As a footnote, statistics have revealed that those who opt for whole life insurance drop out of their policies after only two years. Clearly, it takes much financial discipline to sustain a whole life insurance.In choosing the best life insurance package, take also into consideration your tax position. Whole life insurance may suit those who belong to high tax bracket since the savings are normally covered from taxes.Once you've made up your mind on which life insurance to get, be on the lookout for the costs of your life insurance. The exact amount of the whole option may have underlying costs such as fees and commissions to the insurance agent. To make sure that you get the most inexpensive package, try to consult an insurance advisor who is not affiliated with any security or life insurance company. This way, you can be sure you get only the most objective advice and plan appropriate for your needs.Lastly, remember to do extensive research on the life insurance package you are availing. Educate yourself on the details of each option. You can also check for life insurance quote online. This way, you can assure yourself that you get only the best life insurance optionI found a site on CNN that helps you get quotes according to all your requirements. Its an excellent tool. Try it outhttp://www.2insure4less.com/?s=234258&g=…


There are many somewhat correct, and somewhat incorrect answers so far in this forum. Here is the bottom line. There is temporary insurance that only lasts for a period of time (10,15, 20,30 yrs) and then it expires. Then there is Permanent insurance that will last you for life. There are MANY different types of Permanent insurance. Each type of product is designed to do different types of things - there is NO right answer, only the right answer for you. The right answer for YOU can be found by asking a few, good questions like:- what are your financial objectives for buying insurance on yourself/spouse- what are your financial objectives for buying insurance on your children- what is/are your income, net worth, liabilities, assets, business commitments etc. . .Universal Life is a cost effective way to gather and grow financial assets on a dependable basis over time.Indexed Universal Life - same thing, but based on the net performance of the market so that can participate in the upside of the market without the risk of the downside losses.Variable Life - enables you to participate in the upside of the market, but you risk your money when the market plummets (like right now).Whole life insurance is really good and easy if you are 60 plus years old and are looking for 'final expense' or 'death insurance' to pay for funeral expenses. Other than that, the chances are that you will be over paying for your policy.Find yourself a good, qualified and reliable Independent agent by asking for references in your area. Do not trust what we call a 'captive agent' who only sells for one single company or you will overpay for your insurance.Oregon home, health and life insurance including Medicarehttp://www.portland-lifeinsurance.comSource(s):Years of experience working as an independent agent in the Life Insurance industry.


You might want to reconsider getting a Whole Life Insurance policy over a simple Term Life. The main beneficiary of a Whole Life Plan is the Agent trying to sell it to you. You might like to take a look at the video section at http:LowCostLifeInsurance.info and watch the Suzzy Orman one where she basically describes Why NOT to ever get a Whole Life Policy. take the money you will be saving every month with the same amount of coverage and invest it in your own savings plan. You will come out way ahead over time.Source(s):http://LowCostLifeInsurance.info


The best company to buy from is one that is financially secure.The A.M. Best Company, an independent rater of insurance companies, has been rating them for over 100 years, since 1899. They assign grades to insurance companies, based on their financial strength, and ability to pay claims.The best companies are the ones that have an A.M. Best rating of A++ (Superior), A+ (Superior), A (Excellent), A- (Excellent).Here's my suggestion and recommendation:Call a LOCAL agent, and after finding out his life insurance company's A.M. best rate, have him/her do a free Financial Need Analysis (FNA), or other Total Need Program, to help you determine in your own mind the type, or combination of types, and amounts of coverage you need to provide for the goals you have set.The FNA will also help you determine if you need disability income coverage, to provide an income, should you get hurt or sick and can't work. It will also help you determine if you need an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).Statistics show that disability is a greater risk than death prior to age 65. I, personally, fall within those statistics.You may call your State Dept. of Insurance, and ask for names of companies licensed to do business in your state that have the highest A.M. Best ratings. Then call an agent of that company, or companies.You may also start with your auto and home insurance agent.Hope this helps.Source(s):Retired agent, 30 yrs.


There is no "best" company to buy life insurance from, as they are all much the same. However, only if you wish to throw away your money do you buy whole life, as it costs so many more times what level term insurance costs. And if you talk with agents they will tell you to buy whole life from them as they get a huge commission from this type of policy.


I agree with the other posters that if you are in real good health and you only want the insurance for a limited time I would go with term. Just call your local independent agent that can sell any company. He can shop the term rates for you and get even better rates than the online quoters.You should only buy whole-life if it's for something you want to keep the coverage for forever. And variable life is no substitute for term OR whole-life.


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