What is the best insurance company to work for as an agent?

What is the best insurance company to work for as an agent?

I am currently in college and wanting to get started in becoming an agent for an insurance company (probably part time). I do not know which company is best and I was wanting to get other peoples'- advice. I am currently looking into Primerica, State Farm, Farmers, Allstate or Aflac. If you have any comments about these companies please let me know. Otherwise which would be the best to work for in my situation?


I'm a client of Primerica for several years and just recently join this company. The reason I joined Primerica is for several reasons. One, the company allows me to build a sales team within their company and I earn overrides and bonuses when my team does a sale. Two, I get to show my friends and family and relatives what Primerica was able to do for me. Primerica help me eliminate debt, save money on my life insurance, and setup a retirement plan for me. Three, eventually I will become a Regional Vice President and take ownership of my business. I heard only RVPs get to have ownership and that's something I want. With ownership, you can sell your business or continue to grow and promote RVPs or give it to the family in case I die.I don't know about the other companies. I'm pretty sure they focus on selling products rather than caring about the finances of their client.


Scratch Farmers Insurance from your list, they are listed as one of the worst.Source(s):Farmers Insurance Agent Infohttp://www.farmersinsurancegroupsucks.co…Farmers Insurance is rated Worsthttp://www.farmersinsurancegroupsucks.co…


Best answer the one that fits your personality.Mr. Prefect: It is easy to make statements like that and yes there are some people in Primerica that operate that way, but there are a lot more that do not. I could go into the multiple reasons that Primerica is not a pyramid scheme, but please research on the definition of a pyramid scheme first.Although Primerica is a type of Network Marketing it is not a pure Network Market system.The question I have for everyone is if it is such a bad thing how is it that Primerica Reps are meeting with families helping with there insurance, investments and retirement needs when the other companies spend millions on advertising and families do not get helped, or they have the wrong kind or amount of insurance.Research the numbers or even ask your family and friends how many have a debt plan, life insurance outside of work, and a retirement plan.BTW can the other companies show you how to help your family and friends and if you do help them does that mean it is wrong to let the company pay you??


The answer to this question really depends on you. Do you want to be a sales person doing all the work by yourself? If so, you can do that at any company. You make money off your own pen. But if you don't work, what will happen? You don't make any money. If you want to build a team and earn overrides and be a personal producer, then Primerica is something you should look at. In Primerica, if you have a team of licensed people and they do work, you get to earn overrides. So you can earn money without having to do anything. But in order to enjoy this part, you first have to personal produce because in the beginning, there is only you in your team. Only you can grow your team.Just for your info, Primerica is not an insurance company. Its a financial service company that helps middle income families get out of debt and become financially independent. They just own a life insurance company called Primerica Life and their own investment firm called PFS Investments Inc (which offers over 500 different mutual funds from various companies such as Fidelity, Oppenheimer, American Fund, Legg Mason Partners, etc). They have marketing agreements with Citicorp Trust Bank (which deals with mortgages and refinancing), Genworth Financial's Long Term Care, Prepaid Legal Services, ING's 401(k), and Answer Financial's Auto & Homeowner's insurance.Source(s):Primerica rep since 2004


i used to work in a paramedical company .. a company that does the physicals for the insurance agents .. i worked with every insurance company .. the toughest agents were state farm .. we made sure to schedule the patients physicals right away because they are on top of it .. so i know thats a good company .. but you should try out northwestern mutual .. i know many college students and young guys that make a lot of moneyy working for them ... primerica is horrible a lot of irresponsible agents .. but good luckPS: its not an easy job so idk about part time .. because you have to find your clients and go to there home and try to convince them to take your policies but in the long run they make a lot of money after the hard work lol well good luck again


Mr. "truth is out" forgot to tell you that Primerica is more concerned with pyramid building than selling insurance. They will indroctrinate you with so many ways of going up to retail salespeople and telling them how you have noticed how great they are in their customer service, and would like a chance to show them how to take their talents elsewhere and make much more money.And if they actually follow you, the pyramid gets bigger. Remember Primerica only sells term insurance and that is it. So in order to succeed, you need your own group so make money off of.


Not Northwestern unless you only want to sell NW products. And not Primerica because they're just not competitive and lack any kind of reputation that's going to help your cause.Look into becoming a broker so you can sell just about anything for any company. That way you kind find your niche, make more money, not pay a manager that may not deserve being paid, etc...Think 'broker' not 'agent.' It's better for you AND your clients.



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