What is the best way to become an insurance adjuster?

What is the best way to become an insurance adjuster?

Also is there a need for adjusters in the insurance field or is there a glut of the already. I live in upstate NY.


Much like in other fields you'll have to pay your dues. Most adjusters start with a large company as a "phone" adjuster or in support of an established adjuster. While this is not fun it gets you on the right path. Large carriers have excellent training programs that future prospective employers in the insurance industry value in seeing on a resume. I took this approach (along with many others in the industry) and make quite a good living.I do concur with another answerer that you MUST have thick skin and be able to take some verbal abuse as you will receive it. The job is about communicating & being able to consider the opposite view & reach an agreement.Source(s):15 years in the industry as an adjuster and agent.


if you can go to state farm not anything else because state farm is there for you.


I co-own an independent adjusting adjusting company in MN so I have no clue what the market is for upstate NY. However, overall many of the insurance companies we work with are concerned because the majority of their own adjusters are nearing retirement age and they don't have a lot of young people coming up through the ranks. So I believe the market is good for young, hard-working adjusters in the near future.The best way into the field is to have experience in home construction, auto body repair or law enforcement. These three areas give a new adjuster an advantage over other candidates. Lacking any of this experience the best thing is to get an entry level job at one of the large insurance companies that will train you. Some of the larger companies have training classes that are 6+ weeks long.Starting salaries are not the greatest, but if you can handle the stress and do a good job a salary in the 60's or 70's is not unreasonable. It is a very difficult job and in most cases you will be seen as the bad guy because you're not paying people as much as they want. On the bright side the job is NEVER boring..Source(s):Claims adjuster for 23 yrs



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