What is the best website to reseach and compare auto insurance quotes?

What is the best website to reseach and compare auto insurance quotes?

What is a good website to use when researching auto insurance. One where I can get numerous rates from various insurers and compare them with each other?


i think autotrader is! if you know youre details try tesco.comi got mine really really cheap!also www.confused.com is good.


Correction.....in reference to another post. Insurance premiums are not the same for every company. The cost of insurance can vary from company to company based on your zip code and the claims filed in that zip code. I found other insurance tips and suggestions on where to compare rates on http://www.Tips4CarBuying.comSource(s):www.Tips4CarBuying.com


It differs from state to state, of course, but get off the Internet, and just walk in to your neighborhood State Farm Agent. When you're done, you'll have made a new friend, and understand completely and confidently what you've paid for. And it is a lot of money, so you want to spend it wisely. No kidding. You really don't want another "1 800 punch this for that question and this for that question" type of company when you are on the side of the road and there is blood everywhere. You want a friend.Source(s):statefarm.com- whatnow.com


Auto Insurance Helper has a lot of reliable car insurance info. They also have a list of reputable companies that do comparison quotes for you for free.Be sure to check their page on discounts, too. Sometimes you can save a good bit if you know what discounts to ask for.Good luck.Source(s):http://www.auto-insurance-helper.com/car…


Try Progressive.


You can get a quote at http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com/…This will compare all companies in your area and find you the companies that offer you the lowest prices


Actually auto insurance no need comparison cos all insurance are the same rate of calculation except you want buy a third party insurance....third party insurance only different on the loading percentage depend on year of manufacture.if you going to compare the loading there is about 30 over insurance company...



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