What is the best/cheapest young drivers insurance company?

What is the best/cheapest young drivers insurance company?

I am learning to drive and purely for future reference what insurance companies are the cheapest to go buy for first time drivers. At the moment im just looking on AutoTrader and eBay and copying and pasting them into various companiesif you can speak from experince it would really help...


No 1 Co. try comparison sites.


The one you find by shopping around efficently and the fiollowing WORKS - there are no short cuts, no best one for kids or anyone of any age.There is only one way of finding the best deal and it is a tried and tested method from a well known TV and radio guest who has an independent money saving expert website. The site sells nothing just gives advice -Get quotes from at least 4 different comparison sites - none deal with all of the possible 200 ish insurers so do this to cover themGet quotes from Aviva and Direct Line as they are on none of the comparison sitesDo not believe what they say when they reckon the best deals are on the net - its just wrong.Now use the best 2 or 3 quotes to get on the phone and haggle.


For my first year when I was 18 I paid around ?3200 on a 1998 1.2 Renault Clio. That was with Budget Insurance.Now I am 19 (second year driving) and pay ?2700 on a 2002 1.8 Ford Mondeo, but now I am with Adrian Flux.I found it was best to just look around on all the different price comparison sites, however with my current policy I had a random phone call from the company trying to sell me insurance, and they actually offered me a better quote than I'd see online.Just try all of the main insurance comparison sites, and also check companies that aren't listed directly. (Direct Line, etc.)Also you could try looking for specialist young drivers insurance, I know the co-op do something where they put a box in your car and charge you by the way you drive if you don't mind being spied on all of the time. There are other companies that do similar with restrictions such as not driving at night, which I guess is good if you only use your car in the daytime.Good luck, as for cars the cheapest to go for are small old cars. Daewoo Matiz is probably one of the cheapest.Source(s):moneysupermarket.comcomparethemarket.comgocompare.cometc...


no one here can give you the right answer ..we dont know your post code ..that makes a difference ..but a good tip is to add either your mum or dad to the policy ..as a named driver ..you will save a lot of money .....sounds daft but i promise its true


There is no single company that is "the cheapest". The way they price their policies is based on a number of things, for example your car, your driving history (claims/convictions), your postcode (HUGE rating factor), where the vehicle is kept (driveway, road etc) and how long you've held your licence. Different companies will price different risks in different ways. They're basically taking a gamble with themselves - will you claim in the next year? They have to price policies to offset claims costs associated with specific groups of people (unfortunately young males tend to have more costly claims than most, and 1 in 4 young drivers will have a crash in their first year of insurance, so they pay the most).To get a good idea of who will be cheapest for you, get on a couple of the price comparison websites. Run your details through with something like a 1.0 Corsa, 1.2 Clio or whatever car you'd like to drive (being realistic, stick to a small engine, no mods) and see where you go from there. Perhaps try to add a parent as a named driver too (not the main driver, this is illegal and you can get done for fraud and you and said parent can be prosecuted for you driving without valid insurance), as this can bring the cost down a bit. Do pass plus too, several companies offer an attractive discount for it.I got my first car when I was 22, I'd held my licence for 11 months. I live in a medium/moderate risk area, I drive a 1998 Citroen Xsara 1.4i, and I paid about ?1450 for my first year's insurance, but this was three years ago. The average cost of insurance has trebled over the past three years, so take this into consideration. I'm now 25, 2yr NCD, same car, same address and all that, and mine was ?989 this year.One tip I have for you is save a lot of money, and pay the whole lot by card. Some insurers have an APR of about 29% if you pay monthly (was with Hastings Direct last year, theirs was about that...), so you could potentially save around ?500 there. Try having a higher excess, but think about what you would actually claim for, and whether you could afford the excess in the event of a claim. A higher excess can bring it down too. Also, don't assume third party, fire and theft is the cheapest - a lot of the time comprehensive cover is cheaper.Perhaps look into insurers who fit a black box to your car to monitor your driving (times of day, speeds etc). If you aim to be a safe driver and not a boy racer, this could bring your costs down a lot.Hope this was of some use to you :) Good luck with your lessons!Source(s):I work for a UK insurer


Ah..........this question again....No such thing as cheap insurance for teenagers, think ?3k+ for the most basic small car like a 1.0 litre Corsa or Panda.


young driver insurance are around ?5,000+ so there is no cheapest one.



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