What is the cheapest auto insurance for a 19 year old female?

What is the cheapest auto insurance for a 19 year old female?

I am soon going to buy a used Toyota Corolla and I live in North Carolina. I am just starting to get my driver'-s license and I was wondering what auto insurance is cheaper? Would it be cheaper if I was on my parents auto insurance?


Not enough Information. Call an insurance agent in the phone book. Anyone on here can just guess, but you need a firm quote. Make the phone call.


Allstate, in your parents name.


Yes. It will be much cheaper for you to start off on your parent's policy than on your own. A single 19 year old female on a policy will be expensive no matter what company you choose. If you start with your parents and build up a good history with their company, you can get the company to give you your own policy in 2-3 years at better rates than being a brand new customer with some other company.Source(s):20 yrs in the insurance business.



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