What is the cheapest car insurance in Toronto, Canada for a female student w/out any prior auto insurance?

What is the cheapest car insurance in Toronto, Canada for a female student w/out any prior auto insurance?

I am 22 years old and have never had auto insurance b4. I do have the driver'-s certificate and currently have a G2. The basic coverage is fine as I will not be getting a new car. I'-ll be getting a 1998-2001 car not sure of the modell yet.


There are many factors that affect auto insurance rates, with the main facotr being the car. Here is a list provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, that lists all cars and how their risk factors compare to each other.http://www.ibc.ca/en/car_insurance/docum…In each category, 100 is the average rating, so if your car is rated 150, it is 50% above average, or 50 is 50 % below average. Lower numbers are more favorable.You can get free quotes at http://www.kanetix.ca , they compare all the companies in your area and then give you the 5 best prices!Hope that helpsSource(s):http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com


ey I pulled this one for ya, so you owe me one, haha... better check on it.."Don't Apply For Car Insurance Until You Read This"http://www.useful-tips.com/auto-car-insurance-guide/AutoInsurance.html



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