What is the cheapest car insurance place?

What is the cheapest car insurance place?

Does anyone know a good cheap insurance company for state minium in Tulsa, OK?I pay 150 a month now. i have tried places such as Safe auto, Farmers. etc. All those places are way to high. Im 19, drive a Saturn L300. If that helps with anything. Im looking for something Cheaper than 150. Thanks guys.


You are going to have to either call around, or do some research online. There are some local places that normally provide fairly cheap insurance, but sometimes their rates are higher than well known companies. If you don't have any luck in your area, try doing some research about different companies online. Best wishes.Source(s):http://auto-insurance.net.tc/


Direct general mught be cheaper....



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Check with your car insurance company. Many policies come automatically with at least towing and labor included.

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