What is the cheapest, good auto insurance for one person?

What is the cheapest, good auto insurance for one person?

I recently moved out of my parent'-s home due to some serious conflicts and am living with a close friend. I currently work and am about to buy my own car using some of my savings. I'-ll have to get auto insurance for myself and was wondering if anyone can recommend an insurance company with a good reputation that is also very affordable, particularly for a single person, single car type of plan.Thank you!


There is no insurance that is affordable for single males under 25. If you are male, single, and under 25, then you must pay for unaffordable insurance or not have a car.No insurance is good for everyone, everywhere. Which insurance is good (or, at least, less bad) for you depends on where you live, how old you are, and several other things.


It varies from person to person really


Okay, Auto Insurance is just like anything else you buy---you get what you pay for. I have had the same insurance company since 1996. Are they a little more expensive than local or "quickie' insurance companies?? YES!! But, I have had excellent service and timely responses to all my claims. Hell, they even call to remind me to update my vehicle registration. Think about it.


Insurance company premiums vary wildly from one company to another, and premiums vary by your zip code, age, the amount you drive, your driving record, the type of car you have, and other factors.There are some companies that advertise heavily, and each has its own web site for quotes. You can start with them.Also, find an independent insurance agent near you. The agent, if truly independent, represents several companies. The agent may offer you a better deal than the highly advertised companies.


check out the general they are pretty goodSource(s):law enforcement officer



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