What is the cost of auto insurance in Florida?

What is the cost of auto insurance in Florida?

I plan on buying a cheap beat up car in florida. It will be my first car and I was wondering what it would cost for auto insurance?


The answer is... it depends.It depends on a number of factors such as your age, gender, type of car, age of car, and where you live.Your best bet is to compare car insurance quotes online with a site like http://www.cheapcarinsurancequoter.com. What's great about this site and others like it is that it allows you to find free car insurance quotes for YOUR AREA. Simply enter your zip code and the site will display offers from top name insurance companies.Good luck!


Prices vary from relatively little money to a lot of money.The way it is done is you go to an insurance site, fill a form, hit a button and you'll get your price.This is where I go to http://car-insurance.moneysavecenter.com…or even http://car-insurance.moneysavecenter.com…They are similar sites in that you just input your details and they'll search around amongst main insurance carriers and then they'll give you multiple results.Each of those two will search for different insurers so by spending a little time you get to have a fairly wide price spectrum, I think they cover about 20 carriers between the them. It's all free so you might as well use them.



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