What is the difference between a cheap oil filter and a expensive one?

What is the difference between a cheap oil filter and a expensive one?

I went to a auto parts store and bought a oil filter to change my oil and the guy asked if i want a good one or a cheap one. I said the cheap one. The guy looked at me like i was crazy. Is there any real differences? Is this guy just trying to up sale me? Not sure if this is relevant but i don'-t use the car for racing or any high performance things like that. I drive mostly country roads to and from work maybe 30min one way, and around town.


the more costly might have a denser filtration media catching smaller material in the oil stream. it might not be needed but i dont know if i would risk it for the price of an oil filter.


As long as you don't get a Fram, rebadges Fram, or a filter that's made in China you should be OK. The more expensive ones (like Mobil or Purolator Pure One) ae probably better in that they filter better, but for me a regular Purolator is just fine.


The cheap one may not contain such a high quality filter material meaning that dirt and debris could still circulate in your oil and cause damage. The filter will therefore not last so long. There may be problems of fit and compatibility with your vehicle. Depending on the age of your car use of non-original parts may invalidate warranties.


There's only ONE sure fire "good" oil filter in my opinion, and that's the one designed for your engine by your vehicle manufacturer. I agree that a company like Wix or other may manufacture an oil filter whose specifications and performance exceed those of the OEM manufacturer's brand (like Motorcraft for Ford), but are you willing to take the chance? There's more to an oil filter than meets the eye.What brand oil filter would a Ford dealer want to see on your Ford warrantied engine? Fram? Quick Lube brand? Joe smoe's oil filter? It's cheap insurance to have your car warranty backed up by the manufacturer's name brand parts at least during the warranty period.



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