What is the full form of i.a.a?

What is the full form of i.a.a?

IAA Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (German automobile show)IAA International Advertising AssociationIAA Israel Antiquities AuthorityIAA Instituto de Astrofisica de AndaluciaIAA International Academy of Astronautics (Paris, France)IAA Industrie Agro-AlimentaireIAA International Actuarial Association (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)IAA Insurance Auto AuctionsIAA Interagency Agreement(s)IAA Indoleacetic AcidIAA Insurance Application Architecture (insurance)IAA Institute of Actuaries of AustraliaIAA Institute for Applied AutonomyIAA I Am Alive (emergency system)IAA International Aerospace AbstractsIAA Insulin AutoantibodyIAA Igarka (Russia)IAA Indianapolis Airport AuthorityIAA Illinois Alternate Assessment (education)IAA Irrigation Association of AustraliaIAA International Academy of ArchitectureIAA Investment Adviser Association (formerly Investment Counsel Association of America)IAA Interlochen Arts AcademyIAA Identification and AuthenticationIAA International Award AssociationIAA Integrated Agriculture AquacultureIAA Israel Association of ActuariesIAA Information Assurance Awareness (formerly known as Security Awareness, Training and Education program)IAA Indiana Apartment Association (Indianapolis, IN)IAA Idyllwild Arts Academy (Idyllwild, California)IAA Indiana Aquaculture AssociationIAA Institute for Alternative AgricultureIAA Israeli Airports AuthorityIAA I Am AwayIAA I Absolutely AgreeIAA Investment Advisors Act of 1940IAA Inter-Country Adoption Act (2000)IAA Idaho Aquaculture AssociationIAA Islamic Action AssociationIAA I Am AnnoyedIAA Islamic Academy of Alabama (Birmingham, Alabama)IAA International Air AcademyIAA Integration and AssemblyIAA Interview and Advocacy Assessment (UK)IAA Interconnected Accredited AISIAA Interim Approval AuthorizationIAA Inactive Aircraft AuthorizationIAA Internet Application ArchitectIAA Inflatable Array AntennaIAA Integrated Audit/AppraisalIAA Internet Alcoholics AnonymousIAA Installation Application AdministratorIAA IUSS Acoustic AnalysisIAA Intelligence Analysis ApplicationIAA Incident Awareness and AssessmentSource(s):http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/IA…


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