What is the hold up to settle an uninsured insurance claim?

What is the hold up to settle an uninsured insurance claim?

The accident was in Dec 2009 hit and run . I do not feel the police ever looked for the guy.I was able to describe the car and the driver that got back into his car and took offI did get a lawyer to sue as the insurance company with my company car advised me there was only insurance to cover the car not me. I had been getting money taken out of every pay check to cover auto insurance for the demo I drove.The insurance guy acted as though I was lying about the accident . Guess this happens. I have been over 40 years and do not sue . however This was a true hit and run with real injuries, The insurance company is making me feel guilty for filing a claim.


Some states have minimum requirements (the cheapest) and no additional coverage for the person driving. Sounds to me like you bought the cheapest insurance you could find, without learning what the real coverages you could purchase were, and how important they are.Your only recourse at this point in time is to have your attorney file an "E & O". Errors and omissions claim for you. Against your own company/ agent. Hope this helps.Source(s):Insurance Agent



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