What is the lowest, best Liability auto Insurance in California ?

What is the lowest, best Liability auto Insurance in California ?

I just got a Pt Cruiser that car dealership if offering 70.00 to insure the car however I do need liability insurance any one know of a good web site were I can compare some quotes instead of calling around or talking to a pushy insurance agent ?


Well I am not a pushy insurance agent and I would give you my info but it is against the rules to solicit on this website.And, believe me when you really need some service, or some serious help in a claim a real live insurance agent is very helpful to have. I don't know any insurance agents that are pushy. They are nice and kind because they want their business. If you find one that isn't then just hang up.Call around and get some live quotes and you might just get some free advice along the way. Insurance Agents are very valuable people and are there to help if you need it. But you do need to find a good agent and one that you are confortable with. So, call around and find one.


Wow! If you think comparing rates online and not talking with a licensed expert is the way to go, more power to you.There is no such thing as "the lowest, best liability auto insurance". That is different for every individual. It completely depends on your credit (and they don't run that for online quotes), your driver record (also not ran for online quotes), your age, the different coverages you choose (which, without the education or license, you have no idea what you're choosing and how it will affect you when you have a claim).Many quotes you get online are mostly temporary quote estimates and once the policy is written, then renewed, you'll see what the real premium will be.I hope you never have a claim, but if you do, good luck handling it online without one of those "pushy insurance agents".Source(s):Owner of an insurance agency and husband is an adjuster. Together, we have 42 years experience.


Insurance agents are not pushy. It is better than making a decision from a data base. You should talk to a live agent.I have CSAA and I find they are the lowest for car insurance.



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