What is the penalty for driving without auto insurance?

What is the penalty for driving without auto insurance?

I was late on my auto insurance payment for a month b/c i didn'-t have enough money to pay. The insurance just cancel my policy. I will the insurance as soon as i have money.thanks for any answer


first offense in kentucky is a 500 dollar fine even if there was no accident


What if they don't want you back as a customer???? If you don't have any money to keep up the insurance payments, maybe you need to look at a bicycle for your transportation needs. It will cost you much more if you drive without insurance and get involved in a crash and hurt someone (or yourself). Not to mention, the fines are usually very high for driving without insurance. After that, when you try to get new insurance, the rates will likely be higher due to your previous non-payments, driving uninsured, or crashes (if you have those situations happen). Don't drive uninsured! It is not worth the risks!


Having no car insurance in Pennsylvania can result in the following penalties and expenses:1. A minimum of $300 fine for driving uninsured2. A three-month suspension of your vehicle registration3. A three-month suspension of your driver's license4. $50 restoration fee to restore your vehicle registration5. $50 restoration fee to restore your driver's license6. That vehicle may not be driven by anyone while the registration is suspendedSource(s):http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/insurance/ins…


Check with your state. Each state is different. Usually there is a fine and a sure ticket.


in georgia they impound your car and pay a large fine then make you get hirisk insurance which u carry for a year pretty steep costs


i know that in the state of nj, penalty for no insurance is 180 day loss of license. in addition, your car will be impounded. you will have a court appearance, and be given fines. you will also be subject to insurance surcharges when you do obtain insuranceSource(s):experienced it myself once


In Calgary its a $3000 fine and the car is impounded until the car is insured. Happened to a customer of mine, missed is appointment for having his brakes done, he was pulled over because his brakes were very noisy and he had a noise complaint a few days before because he had to go to work at 3am and everybody in the neiborhood was being woke up with them squealing. plus he got a $400 noise complaint ticket on top of that.


is a big ticket after you get arrested


Depends on the state. If you live in one that has an insurance data base (and most do now) as soon as the insurance reports you canceled for non-payment, they will suspend your license also. If you are caught driving, you will get a ticket. You will perhaps be taken to jail, your car will be towed and your plates taken.If you're in one of the few states that don't have the data base, and get stopped, you might be able to show your card and not get a ticket, but if you have an accident you definitely will not be covered. If you can't pay for everything you need to drive, just don't drive.


Strangely to make you pay a fine. And if you had the money for the fine you would have just gone ahead and paid for the insurance. What can you do? If at all possible take the bus or get a ride with a friend until you can get your insurance situation take care of. I don't advise driving without it b/c if you get caught that will just make your financial situation worse.


Fees, suspended licensed or even paying out of pocket for someone else's damages...


In California:SEC. 7. Section 16029 is added to the Vehicle Code, to read:16029. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a violation of subdivision (a) of Section 16028 is an infraction and shall be punished as follows:(a) Upon a first conviction, by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars ($500) and not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000).(b) Upon a subsequent conviction, occurring within three years of a prior conviction, by a fine of not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000) and not more than two thousand dollars ($2,000).(c) (1) At the discretion of the court, for good cause, and in addition to the penalties specified in subdivisions (a) and (b), the court may order the impoundment of the vehicle for which the owner could not produce evidence of financial responsibility in violation of subdivision (a) of Section 16028.(2) A vehicle impounded pursuant to paragraph (1) shall be released to the legal owner of the vehicle or the legal owner's agent if all of the following conditions are met:(A) The legal owner is a motor vehicle dealer, bank, credit union, acceptance corporation, or other licensed financial institution legally operating in this state.(B) The legal owner or the legal owner's agent pays all towing and storage fees related to the seizure of the vehicle.(C) The legal owner or the legal owner's agent presents foreclosure documents or an affidavit of repossession for the vehicle.Source(s):http://www.dui.com/states/california/dui…



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