What is the penalty for lying during a deposition in the state of NJ?

What is the penalty for lying during a deposition in the state of NJ?

Please no jokes. A close relative of mine was killed by in auto accident and the guy who killed him lied during a deposition taken by our lawyer. Our lawyer seems to just care about the money in the civil suit and doesnt have an interest in actually trying to bring any sort of charges.


Perjury is itself a criminal offense! If you say one thing in a deposition then change your story in court. Its perjury and punishable with jail time (In ANY STATE)!.


The reason the lawyer has no interest in bringing any charges is that private lawyers cannot bring criminal charges. You hire a private lawyer to bring a civil suit, seeking damages. Criminal charges are initated by the District Attorney. Furthemore, most DAs have little interest in perjury committed during a civil deposition. The exceptions are repeat offenders such as those running a scheme for insurance fraud, and Bill Clinton. In fact, Clinton is the only person I have ever heard of who has been charged with a crime from lying in a deposition.



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