What is the cheapest way to rent a car in Florida?

What is the cheapest way to rent a car in Florida?

I live in Boston and I'-m going to visit my parents in the Ft. Myers/Naples/Estero area of Florida for a few days and it'-s atrociously expensive to rent a car with all the taxes the whack you with. I looked into ZipCar but thats nowhere near where i'-m going and more expensive than renting, I was wondering if anyone knew cheaper ways (a bike or moped will not work to drive around where i need to)..along the lines of ZipCar or even a major discount or something. PLEASE HELP


just hang out in front of the airport with a Valet Parking sign, long term. Just have their car back before they return..


usually i go off airport and rent one/2/3 the price of on airport rental/bus into town and then go for itSource(s):used car dlr nj


Shop around, and consider flying into a different area of the state to get a better rate. You may also want to look at off airport rental locations and smaller companies.Some membership warehouse stores (BJs Costco, Sam's Club) offer discounted car rental rates to members. There are also some discounts from AAA, and your auto insurance company may also have a discount program.Check with your auto insurance company to see what coverage, if any, you would have on a rental car. You may also have damage coverage if you use certain credit cards.If you are not going to be doing much driving, but just need the vehicle to get to and from your parent's home, you may even want to consider a U-haul pick up truck rental.Source(s):33 years in the auto business



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