What kind of Allstate Auto Insurance Payment Plan is this?

What kind of Allstate Auto Insurance Payment Plan is this?

When I had Allstate auto insurance a few month my payment plan was weird and I was wondering if someone could tell me what kind of payment plan this was.For example: I would start in January and pay all the way up to June. Than from July to December I wouldn'-t have to pay anything until the Next January in the New Year. Would this be a 6 month policy?


Whatever it is, you are almost certainly paying more than you need to. Get a simple plan/policy where you pay the entire premium every 6 months (in advance). Insurance is high enough, without making it even higher.


I would check with Allstate because most ins co are starting a 6 month plan my ins co. did and it is more money.


Not a 6 month policy, just a 6 month payment plan. I had a similar plan with my old insurance company, I paid 9 months out of the year.Don't worry, you're covered for the year.



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