What military banks have the best rates?

What military banks have the best rates?

in comparison to USAA, Navy fed, Marine pacific, etc.


As far as having the "best" interest rates on your Checking/Saving/CD Account, Navy Federal Credit Union has a bit better rates (and more locations than Marines Pacific CU), because it is a "Credit Union," and not, a "Commercial Bank." If you have ever taken a Money and Banking Class, you would know the difference. Read this, if you want to understand the difference: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Ban…Personally, I use USAA for Home/Auto Insurance and Mutual Fund and NFCU for checking/saving and mortgage (and NFCU has a bit better Auto Loan than commercial banks as well).Source(s):Ex-EOD1, USN. '99-'09.


Gotta go with USAA as the others have stated. USAA has extremely competitive rates, they have no minimums for their checking or savings accounts, they reimburse your ATM fees, rebate your debit card purchases, and their website is first rate. As mentioned in another reply, they have very few physical branches but with their pre-paid deposit envelopes that pretty much negates the need. To top it off, you have the ability to scan in the front and back of any checks that are written to you and have the funds deposited to your account. It's called USAA Deposit @ Home and you can even use your iPhone or Android phone to take a picture and deposit the funds. The only thing that I've needed a local bank for is a cashier's check (which USAA will overnight to you) and cash in coins. But even that is a pain at the local bank and now I use CoinStar.USAA is great for military personnel and their families. And to top it off, their insurance rates are great for home, rental, and auto coverage (if your a good/safe driver). You also get to pass your membership down to your kids as well. Great bank..never had anything bad to say even when they cut me for having a couple of fender benders...Source(s):USAA Member for almost 20 years.


I've only had 2 military banks..Pacific Marine Credit Union and USAA..USAA is THE best for military (all banking in my opinion) banking available.The only downside is they have very few physical branches available..Deposits are harder to make..But thats why I keep a "go to" bank around close by (i.e. Chase, Bank of America, etc.)Deposit funds @ local bank..transfer funds to USAAUSAA's rates are fair, and all ATM transaction fees are paid back to you every month! (they allow 5 fees to an aggregate total of $15 dollars so $3 per transaction)They also have MOBILE DEPOSIT.. but you need a smart phone and you have to qualify..USAA all the way.. hands down.


I'm not familiar with the others, but we do use USAA and love them. But, most of the info, especially interest rates and such, are best found on line, as they do change often.USAA only has a facility in Tx. Otherwise all banking can be done on-line for NO extra cost. We do our bill pay, get our statements, transfer funds between those accounts and my local bank, all no hassle, no cost.ATMs - you can use ANY ATM worldwide, up to 10 per month, at no cost. And any charges from the ATM/bank will be refunded to you.Most important thing to remember, though.. always alert them when traveling out of region. They keep very close tabs and are quick to freeze your account when there is activity from another country or region. Just a quick phone call takes care of that, and actually really appreciated the fact that they are proactive, rather than reactive!We also have our renters and car insurance through them. Again, quick, timely service, Very easy to work with.ETA: BL, not sure why transfers are costing you?? We have our accounts registered with USAA and go through USAA all the time to move money back and forth. And that includes stateside, overseas, and even our British sterling account we had in the UK. Are you having your local bank do the transfer or USAA?? Initiate if on the USAA side and there is no cost.Source(s):AF spouse - 22 years


USAA and NFCU are the two best by far



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