What permits and licenses do i need to run a moving service in ohio?

What permits and licenses do i need to run a moving service in ohio?

I looked on ohio government site for business and didn'-t see anything. Interested in starting a moving service in Ohio, just wondering what all permits do i need to start this company?


Step 1Determine how you intend to set your business apart. The moving industry is fairly saturated with amateurs willing to offer moving services for cheap because these individuals rarely have insurance or the required permits. Compete by being professional. Consider offering a variety of services, such as providing storage space for clients between moves, packing or loading services with or without the moving portion, unpacking and driving in or out of state.Step 2Obtain moving training. Although moving isn’t particularly complicated, there is a rhythm to it. When dealing with other people’s most valuable goods, you want to ensure that you fully understand the mechanics behind proper packing and loading. As well, the right training can help you become that much more efficient, saving you space, time and money.Step 3Secure commercial space large enough to accommodate the growth of your business. While you may only be able to afford one truck, as your business expands, you may eventually build a fleet. If you intend to offer storage space for customers in between moves, you’ll need to ensure that you have adequate land or facilities to do so.Step 4Purchase a moving truck. Then outfit it with your DOT sticker and permit information and any association logos, such as from the American Moving and Storage Association. Purchase hauling equipment, such as dollies, gloves, pads, boxes, packing supplies, shrink wrap ramps and back braces. Purchase boxes and other materials to sell as package kits to customers.Step 5Contact your insurance provider to get connected with a company that can provide you with commercial insurance, business insurance and insurance coverage for any furniture that may be damaged in the move. Texas requires you to carry at least $300,000 in auto liability and $5,000 in cargo insurance.Step 6Obtain the required licenses, insurance and permits for the scope of your region. Contact your Department of Transportation to obtain a DOT number. Texas also requires that all for-hire household goods movers register with the Texas DMV's Motor Carrier Division.Step 7Hire your staff. When first starting out, you’ll need at least one other person to help you move. Put them through moving training, to ensure that you are both on the same page when it comes to packing, loading and unloading.Step 8Purchase a website. On it include pictures of your workers hard at work, packing, driving or loading. Detail the variety of services you offer and possible destinations. Include the fact that you are trained, licensed and bonded. Dedicate a page to providing a moving checklist that instructs your customers on how they can prepare for interstate or intrastate moves.



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