What records does the insurance company receive after I've received a speeding ticket?

What records does the insurance company receive after I've received a speeding ticket?

I just got one for 15 over in a 65. It'-s a 4 point violation and traffic school will discount the violation by 3 points. Does Geico auto insurance base it'-s premiums on the existence of a citation regardless of the points assessed or would receiving a citation and without having been assessed points avoid a premium hike?


Well don't tell the insurance company,it takes them up to a year to find out and sometimes not at all.If you are in good standings with your insurance company then even if they found out they might not raise your rates.I had the same speeding ticket and never had my rates go up.(state farm)


they recieve a copy of your dmv record that is how they determine you rates,the way they do that is connect to the dmv website.


The insurance company only sees what shows up on your DMV. If it is such a great concern, why don't you discuss it with the judge/magistrate/JP. Many times they can lower the charge or turn it into a non-moving violation. You have to be very nice and very humble, however. Don't go in talking about how "its not fair", or you will see how unfair it can really be. Good luck, I've been there, and I don't envy you.Source(s):2,000,000 miles in the last 20 years.



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