What shipping service do you use to ship a car from Long Beach, California to Europe?

What shipping service do you use to ship a car from Long Beach, California to Europe?

Can you please tell me company names or a good service that ships cars from long beach to Europe


Couple things.1. Since you are looking to go from Long Beach, CA to Europe your move will need to be divided into two main parts. The domestic transport (within the US).2. The international transport, which will be the US port to the country in Europe.INTERNATIONALThe first thing you will need to do is find which port you are shipping from. The kind of company you are looking for is a company that goes by the name "Ro/Ro". That is a general name for a shipping/boat company that transport vehicle in a "Roll on and Roll off" manner. You will likely want to search for "freight forwarder ro ro" to find companies that will provide this service.Once you find the Ro/Ro company you are going to use they will give you the International price and specify which port to get the vehicle too.... they may also offer the domestic side.If I had to ball park the estimate for a Ro/Ro service from a port in Florida USA to a port in France or Germany you will pay every bit of $3000-$5800+ insurance.DOMESTICWhen you know the port to get your vehicle to you will want to find an auto transport company that can ship your vehicle to the port from Long Beach.Popular ports are in New Jersey (NJ), Maryland (MD) and numerous ones in Florida (FL).To continue I will assume the port will be FL.The Transport Reviews.com pricing tool (http://www.transportreviews.com/director… shows that vehicle transports from CA to FL cost on average about $1200.They show some for as little as $800 and for as high as $1400.Since gas is expensive in CA and you will have time sensitive deadlines because of the connecting International leg, you will likely be on the high side of things.You can get custom quotes from several well rated domestic auto transporters at: http://www.autotransporter.com/SUMMARYYou will be paying $4000 to $8000 to ship your vehicle from CA to Europe.I hope this is helpful.Good luck.Source(s):http://www.google.com/search?q=ro%2Fro+f…http://www.google.com/search?q=ro%2Fro+e…http://www.transportreviews.com/director…http://www.autotransporter.com/


Check out one of the "classic car" magazines, many specialist companies advertise their services in them.



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