What should we have on traveling by road from jeddah to dubai?

What should we have on traveling by road from jeddah to dubai?

Your visa should be in order , and liability insurance for your car is mandatory in UAE so you need to take that as well. You can buy this from Saudi before you leave. Just go to any auto insurance place and get a short term policy for the duration of your visit to UAE or Oman , same required.As for things you may need to check before going on the road :- car spare tire , &- jack, make sure it is good- check car coolant, belts, engine oils, etc- first aid kit- GPS navigator for gcc- duplicate copies of all your papers just incase you loose them- gas canister (fill it at first refueling)- fire extinguisher- emergency triangle sign /_!_\- water container (filled up)- phone obviously , remember to get roaming enabled from your cell provider so you can dial &- receive calls outside Saudi on the same number.(Mobily offer)http://www.mobily.sa/portalu/wps/portal/…- and most importantly , good night sleep before you go. Many accidents due to drivers falling asleep on the wheel.hopefully you will not need any of this emergency stuff but better be safe than sorry.


Common sense .... and minding your manners when your in Dubai!


Common sense .... and minding your manners when your in Dubai!



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