What should you pack for a carribean cruise?

What should you pack for a carribean cruise?

My 14 year old daughter and I are going on a Western Caribbean Carnival Cruise in July. What should I pack and what should I suggest my daughter pack? I would like a checklist/list for both of us, please!


here is a link that may help you.Source(s):http://www.thefuncruises.com/Carnival-Cr…

Please check out this list before starting you cruise :airline tickets or e-ticket confirmationcruise documentspassports and visas (if necessary) or proof of citizenship (check with your cruise line for requirements)vaccination certificate (if required)wallet and fanny packdriver's license and auto insurance card - in case you decide to rent a car when ashoremedical insurance cards and medical history (especially if traveling alone)another picture ID - if you don't take driver's licensecredit cards - be sure to call credit card companies before traveling to alert them you are traveling outside your normal area ATM cardwatchpre-paid phone cardcash or traveler's checks (be sure to keep traveler's checks receipt in separate location)3 copies of airline tickets, cruise tickets, passports/visas, itinerary - pack 1 copy in carry on, 1 copy in checked luggage, and leave one copy with someone at homecontact numbers to report lost/stolen credit cards or traveler's checksemergency numbers at homeprescription drugs and any other essential medications in carry on bagglasses, contacts, contacts cleanerextra reading glassessunglassesreading sunglassesguidebooks and other port of call informationforeign language phrase book or dictionarymapsreading material - books to read while on the plane or lounging by the pooljournal or notebook and pen/pencil - for making notes to tell your friends back home about your experiencesbusiness cards with email address to give out to new cruise friendscurrency conversion chartplug adaptor and convertercell phone and chargerPDA and chargerhome and email addresses of friends/relatives back home - for sending postcards, emails, or giftslaptop computerbinocularsfilm camera and manualextra film (don't put undeveloped film in checked luggage)disposable underwater camera - for snorkeling or beach daysdigital camera and manualextra memory cards for digital camerabatteries for digital camerabattery chargerextension cord with multiple plug-insduct tape or strapping tapewalkman and tapes (for walking on deck or on treadmill)small travel alarm clock - battery operatedlighted dial clock for cruise ship cabinextra plastic cable-lock ties for securing luggage for return trip (better than locks, but one-time use only)extra luggage name tags (in case yours are lost on the outbound trip)zip loc bags of all sizes and garbage/laundry bagssmall flashlightnight lightcorkscrew (be sure to put in checked luggage)Swiss Army knife or something similar with screwdriver head, etc. (be sure to put in checked luggage)small umbrellacollapsible travel pillow for those long airplane flightsear plugs or "ear planes"small first aid kit (band aids, Q-tips, vaseline, dramamine, antibiotic cream, bandages, anti-diarrheal medication, cortisonecream, aspirin/tylenol/advil)Crazy glueplaying cardssports gear (e.g. snorkeling gear)bug spray (not for your cabin on the ship, but for those pesky mosquitoes and "nonos" ashore)sun screen/sun block and lip sunblockgermicidal hand cleanerhand lotionrubbing alcohol or foot lotion for soothing tired, hot feethats/caps/visorsinsulated large coffee mugsempty folding tote bag - for souvenirs or the beachclothes pinssewing kit and scissors (pack in checked luggage)travel-sized Woolitehandi-wipesSource(s):For more packing help please check out this link : http://cruises.gogoodpages.com/caribbean-cruise-access-to-a-captivating-world.php



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